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Besides being a top-quality album either for the compositions and the production – it was produced in the Netherlands at “Sandlane Recording Facilities” and the sound engineer is Joost Van Den Broek (Epica, Ayreon, Xandria etc) who worked with the band from the first moment of conception - , “Vertigo” is something more than a metal album.
The music came along with a cinematic purpose, a mindful screenplay born across two years of hard work. The music itself required a strong video addition to the project, and this lead the band to start a collaboration with a cinematic crew, involved for the development of the whole concept.The project was also introduced to the well-known TV series company “Netflix” (Paris, October 2015) who expressed a real interest in the whole concept and a possible production of the whole serie.
“Vertigo” is a victorian - steampunk story, firstly based on Dante’s Inferno idea and then developed in a more psychological/instrospective way. Gabriel is the main character of the story, an unsuccesful composer who becomes a scientist, starting a war against his troubled mind and forcing him to destroy everything beloved. The only handhold seems to be a mystic dragonfly, leading Gabriel among the floors of a huge spiral staircase…
Sound Storm have been shooting the pilot episode of their TV-serie, directed by Tayio Yamanouchi (Hal’s son, the actor who was Wolverine’s enemy in the latest hollywood movie) and combined with the music of the songs “Vertigo/The Dragonfly”.
Their purpose is to shoot one episode for each song of the album, as every song is a new chapter in Gabriel’s path, from the first floor of the spiral until the depth of the unknown.
Being the same as the production, also the “live” feature is a basic aspect of the concept: the bands intends to present a sort of live-musical, with a massive use of cinematic elements (video, fireworks, pyros, led lights etc) and the transposition of the fiction into the reality.

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